Going vegan, finally? Yikes!

Maybe this won’t work if I can’t even write “going vegan” without a question mark. But anyway, I’m going to start now, even though I just ate an apple and cheese while reading these success stories:


(Side note: reading those stories makes me wish I could urge my patients to go vegan. But for one thing, it’s still not the accepted medical wisdom — I’ve even had doctor’s orders to ENCOURAGE meat and eggs — and for another, it’s hard enough for some of my patients to think about giving up pepperoni, bacon, or cigarettes, or to motivate themselves to get out of bed — I’d probably laugh at myself if I started talking about going vegan.)

Anyway… I want to turn 30 as a vegan. I want to become pregnant and have a baby as a vegan. I want to stop buying and eating dairy because it makes me feel bad, emotionally and physically. DH can SUCK IT. 🙂

Right now I will commit to just a week. Less, even. It’s Sunday today, and next Sunday I can have dairy again if I stick to the vegan thing until then. In fact, I can have a dairy bonanza if I want — granola with YOGURT, a cheesy omelette, pizza, lattes, ice cream… IF I stay vegan until then.

While I’m at it (uh oh, I tend to do this — while I’m at, I’ll meditate for 30 minutes a day, develop a new sleep cycle, do 90 minutes of yoga in the morning, take up running, teach my dog some new tricks, stop using hair products, and make green drinks every day!) I might as well eliminate soda too. Not all sugar, just soda. Until next Sunday. Come to think of it, the foods that make me want soda are cheesy things like pizza, so this could work.

But if I stay vegan long term, I WILL have to make some changes. Like adding quinoa and other protein sources and paying attention to making sure I get enough. Also taking vitamins regularly, especially B-vitamins, Vitamin D, calcium, and iron, and taking a vegan algae omega-3 supplement. But that’s too much to worry about right now.

Also, pretty soon I’m going to have to update my “about” page and my tagline — I won’t be “almost thirty” for much longer, and I’ve already survived my first year as a nurse!! Yay for me! 🙂


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